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You’re not the only one that’s been looking for an alternative to Shakeology. People always look for a cheaper option when a new product like Shakeology rises to fame and popularity so quickly. The numerous positive Shakeology reviews and testimonials that have been written are proof of that.

The question, however, is whether or not a viable substitute for Shakeology even exists? Is there any other shake that’s so power-packed with health and nutrients that it can replace the Beachbody’s Shakeology?

Why Some Seek Shakeology Alternatives

Before discussing whether Shakeology alternatives are really all that bang for the buck they claim to be, let’s look at why people are looking for substitutes in the first place. According to our polls, the main and possibly only deterrent to buying Shakeology is the price involved. Costing $4 every day, some people may find Shakeology a bit too costly. Let’s take another look at what you get for those four dollars from Shakeology…

As is pretty obvious with Shakeology, you really are getting what you’re paying for – no pun intended. If you sought to provide your body with all those minerals, nutrients, and vitamins contained in every glass of Shakeology through your own doing, you’d end up with an amazingly huge grocery bill.

Furthermore, if you consider the typical cost of a one-person fast food meal, that would definitely cost you more than $4. In fact, typical Americans spend more than that for a fancy cup of espresso at Starbucks every day. That’s for a drink that gives you zero nutritional benefit. Think of it that way, and Shakeology will start to seem like an incredible discount deal.

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The Dreadful Truth behind Shakeology Substitutes

So, since you’re now aware of all the different ingredients that are used in Shakeology, let’s look at the “grass on the other side of the lawn”. Do alternatives to Shakeology currently in the market match up? Do they provide the same kind of high-grade ingredients at a cheaper price?

When it’s about meal replacement shakes and protein powders, researching a bit will rapidly reveal that no serious competition against BeachBody’s Shakeology even exists!

They are loaded with harmful artificial sweeteners, like sucralose and aspartame, empty calories, and many undisclosed ingredients. Such wannabe ‘healthy liquid meal replacements’ significantly fall short of their promises and claims upon delivery. Most are overpriced and processed to an extent that leaves nothing of wholesomeness of nutrition in the healthy ingredients used, if any.

Taste of Shakeology

This is another aspect in which no other product can rival Shakeology. In an industry where it’s hard to come across a shake that’s not filled with seaweed-like powder that requires a very strong will power and misguided taste buds to stomach, Shakeology provides you the burst of fresh wind.

Available in both Greenberry and Chocolate flavors, Shakeology has been praised over and over for being the most delicious meal replacement shake to ever be introduced. Whether you drink it alone with water and ice, juice, or milk, or combine it with other ingredients in yummy Shakeology recipes, this shake will never fail to please your taste buds.

The Verdict

Taking all the factors into account that make a health shake stand out, it’s clear that the level of nutrition that Shakeology provides cannot be matched by any other currently available Shakeology alternative. Add that to the fact that you’re guaranteed a 100% money-back guarantee from Shakeology if you end up with no viable results after a month’s use, the choice should be a crystal clear one. Shakeology has no parallel competition when it’s about a meal supplement that wholesome and healthy, yet still affordable and convenient.

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